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North Laine History
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The Grain Store
Gloucester Rd

In North Laine in the mid-c19th there was a thriving beer industry with many malthouses and breweries. In the Gloucester Road area there was a brewery on the site of the Gloucester Yard flats and in Vine St there is the sole remaining building that houses a brewery at No 25. In Blenheim Place there remains the shell of a former malthouse for the North Street brewery whilst at No 127 Gloucester Road, there was a ginger beer brewery owned by Mr Dowling who owned the Gloucester Brewery. The building was later (by 1876) taken over by William Wood of Hurstpierpoint who used the building as a grain store, the current name of the building. You can still  just see the letters WW on the building. Was William Wood who wrote 'A Sussex Farmer ' a relation'? perhaps a son?
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